Taylor Made Tour

We also have Taylor Made Tour that can be arranged as you want. we prepare it, so you can determine what you want to do or to see. The places to visits are :

  • Wae rebo traditional village
  • Lodok (spider web Rice Field)
  • Ruteng Pu’u traditional village
  • Golo Curu cave
  • Cunca Lega water fall
  • Liang Bua cave
  • Tengku Siwa water fall
  • Ranamese lake
  • Aimere (local arak processing)
  • Trekking Inerie mountain
  • Soa Hot Spring
  • Bena traditional village
  • Riung 17 islands
  • Trekking Kelimutu (three colored lakes)
  • Maumere
  • whale hunting in Lamalera

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